Quality at Every Step

From Moo to You

At Vale Wood Farms, we manage quality at every step- from moo to you. On our family farm, we grow the crops to feed our own herd of cows. We process the milk from our cows, along with milk from neighboring farms, into a full line of quality dairy products that we deliver to local customers.

Vale Wood Farms is certified “cow friendly.” Our cows are proven to be healthy and are not treated with rBST, a synthetic hormone.

Our dedication to quality dairy products begins with our commitment to a healthy, happy herd of dairy cows. We believe that your family deserves the best.

We offer dairy delivery to local homes, schools, stores, and businesses. Look for Vale Wood Farms products at your favorite store, or call today to receive home delivery.

Our History

In 1816, two brothers, John and Joseph Itle (then spelled “Itel”), who were farmers and potters by trade, traveled from Switzerland to America. Upon arrival in the new world, they learned of a small town called Loretto, Pennsylvania and the rich vein of clay that runs through its valley floor. John was deeded a plot of land from Father Gallitzin in 1841. He built a small log cabin homestead and so began the Itle family farm.

John’s son, Francis, continued the farming tradition after he returned from the Civil War. Francis eventually passed the farm to his son Charles (C.A.), a progressive farmer, who slowly expanded the farm’s acreage. He began to sell milk in the local town of Cresson and in 1933 named the business Vale Wood Farms, which describes the wooded valley where our farm is located.

Our Farm

The original farm has grown to approximately 500 acres with the original plot located in the heart of the farm. Vale Wood Farms is currently owned and operated by the third and fourth generation of C.A. Itle’s descendants.

We take pride in maintaining our strong sense of heritage as we continue to milk our own herd of 200 cows. This milk, along with milk from other local family farms, is processed and packaged in our own processing plant. Our plant is located in the countryside, close to the cows that produce our high quality milk. This means that the milk we deliver to your home today was often fresh from the farm yesterday- you can’t buy it any fresher.